Our approach to hair transplants

Our minimally-invasive FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant procedure offers permanent, natural-looking results for hair regrowth (no fake-looking "hair plugs" or linear scarring).

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Growth starts here

Keeps Hair Restoration in NYC provides a minimally-invasive surgical treatment option for reclaiming your hair.

  • Let's make a plan

    Our patient advisor will work with you to understand your hair goals and evaluate whether a FUE hair transplant is right for you (we’ll be honest if we don’t think it’s your best available option).

  • How it works

    You only want natural-looking results, so we only perform FUE hair transplant procedures by hand to restore hair growth using your existing hair follicles.

  • What you should expect

    FUE is an outpatient procedure that typically takes 6-8 hours and minimal recovery time. New hair growth often starts within 6-9 months. We will help you track your progress as you experience hair growth.

Grow your hair with expert support

Our medical team has performed over 2000 manual FUE hair transplant procedures.

Dr. Farhan Contractor, the Medical Director for Keeps Hair Restoration in NYC, has dedicated his entire career to performing manual FUE procedures at some of the nation's top practices.

The Dr. Yates Difference

Dr. Yates is the first and final stop on your journey to stop hair loss.

  • Personalized care and results

    Dr. Yates will partner with you to come up with your desired hair goals.

  • Hair growth from an actual Hair Transplant Surgeon

    Dr. Yates has helped thousands of men and women to regain control of their hair with our treatments. Now it's your turn.

  • Hair for the long run

    Dr. Yates MD supports you with a post-procedure treatment plan to make sure your results last.

Pricing Overview

Fill in front / top of head

Estimate 1200-1700 grafts.

Potential cost: $7,000 - $10,000*

Fill in crown

Estimate 1500-2000 grafts.

Potential cost: $9,000 - $12,000*

Fill overall thinning

Estimate 1800+ grafts.

Potential cost: $11,000+*

*Introductory pricing

Procedure cost is determined by the number of grafts (hair follicles that are removed and transplanted) your procedure would require.

You can speak with your patient advisor to learn about our introductory pricing of 25% off the cost per graft.

We’ve partnered with Affirm, a financing company, to make it convenient for you to be able to pay over time, including 0% interest payment plans based on your credit profile.

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Common Questions

For the majority of men, hair loss is caused by a genetic condition called androgenetic alopecia (also known as male pattern baldness). Male pattern baldness accounts for more than 95% of hair loss in men. In some cases, hair loss can be a sign of a more serious medical condition or nutritional deficiency. It is important to consult with a licensed medical professional about any significant hair loss to determine the cause and identify an appropriate solution.

Hair loss caused by male pattern baldness can be treated with two safe and effective formulas—finasteride and minoxidil—which are FDA-approved to treat hair loss. Depending on your condition, your medical provider may recommend one or both treatment options. Some studies indicate that taking finasteride and minoxidil in tandem may be the most effective way to combat hair loss. A Keeps physician can help determine which treatment plan is right for you through a quick consultation.

More than 95% of hair loss in men is caused by a genetic condition called androgenetic alopecia (AKA male pattern baldness). Currently, there is no known cure for male pattern baldness, but there are two FDA-approved treatments that are clinically proven to combat the symptoms of male pattern baldness by preventing hair loss and improving hair regrowth.

While our treatments are not covered under insurance, our products are available at a fraction of the cost of traditional pharmacies and retailers. We’re dedicated to making it easy and affordable to treat hair loss, which is why many of our treatment plans cost as low as $10/month.

Thousands of guys are loving their results

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  • "Between month 4-5 the progress blew me away! I went back to my barber and he couldn’t believe it."

    Kevin C.
  • "I noticed my hair getting thicker in places that was thin and it had more body. I have my confidence back."

    Kenton G.
  • "The difference was very clear and fast forward 6 months my hair looks amazing!"

    Joshua G.
  • "Been a huge joy for me. Within 5 months, I got my edge back and my hair and confidence is restored!"

    Jhon F.
  • "I began to see progress in less than 3 months. My brother saw my progress and has begun using it!"

    Andrew N.
  • "I've had thinning at the crown for many years. Now it's definitely filling in. I love that!"

    Steve R.